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China Clay is a Hydrated Aluminium Silicate crystalline mineral formed over many millions of years by the hydrothermal decomposition of granite rocks. Kaolin finds applications in diverse industries like Paper, Rubber, Ceramics, Paint, Ink, Cement, Detergents, Adhesives, Fertilizers, Porcelain Enamels, Insecticides, Medicines, Filter Aids, Roofing Granules, Food Additives, Cosmetics, Sizing, Catalyst preparations chemicals, Bleaching, Crayons, Linoleum, Adsorbents, Pencils, Floor tiles and Textiles.



China Clay  is used as a filler in many rubber goods. It adds strength, abrasion resistance, and rigidity to both natural and synthetic rubber products. In general, most rubber products extrude more easily after china clay filler is added. Our China Clay  is characterised by its fine particle size, platy or lamellar particle shape and chemical inertness. This combination of platy shape and fine particle size results in improved processability , improved reinforcement, tensile strength, abrasion resistance and tear strength in Rubber Application. Our China Clay / China clay  is widely used in the following rubber application like Hose, Footware - Rubber,  Flooring, Automotive Components, Seals / Gaskets, Vee Belts, Conveyor Belts, Tyres, Tubes and Flaps, Pharma Stoppers, Microsheets.
MICRON CHINA 400 R : Micronised Clay
MICRON CHINA 4010 : Micronised Clay
MICRON CHINA 2050 : Micronised Clay
COATING CLAY 90 : Sub Micron Clay – Semi Reinforcing
Our Submicron Clay  provides  ease of dispersion and outstanding print quality, while replacing  more costly pigments or additives. They are widely used in Offset inks, Gravure inks, Flexographic inks, Screen inks and News inks.
SUPER GLOSS 90 : Almost 95 % Particle below 2 Microns – provides Excellent Gloss and opacity.
Coating Clay 90 : 90 % particle below 2 Micron.
MICRON CHINA 2050 : Micronised Clay
Our China Clay being very pure, with very low heavy metal content and having an excellent particle size distribution is used to control the color strength and color tone of pigment.
Coating Clay 90 : 90 % Particles below 2 Micron.
The fiberglass which is used as a strengthener in a multitude of applications requires the use of china clay for its manufacture. China clay allows strengthening of the fibers integrated into the material. It also improves the integration of fibers in products requiring strengthened plastics: cars, boats and marine products, sporting goods and recreation products, aviation and aerospace products, circuit board manufacturing, fiberglass insulation, fiberglass air filters, fiberglass tanks and pipes, corrosion resistant fiberglass products, fiberglass building and construction products, etc.
FIBER CLAY 90 : Very High Purity and low Fe Content
MICRON CHINA PPRC : Very High Purity and low Fe Content
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