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20 Microns Nano Minerals Limited, established in the year 1987 as Speciality Minerals Private Limited, is one of India’s largest producers of Soft Minerals like China Clay, Bentonite, Attapulgite, Gypsum, Siliceous Earth, Bleaching Earth, Organo Clay and Aluminium Silicate. Touching millions of lives everyday through its high quality minerals, 20 Microns Nano is leading the industry revolution in bringing Nano technology based Minerals and Specilality Chemicals to the world.
20 Microns Nano is a wholly subsidiary of 20 Microns Limited - India’s largest producer of White Minerals offering innovative products in the field of Functional Fillers, Extenders and Specilality Chemicals. With manufacturing units based in Vadodara, Bhuj and Alwar, the annual output of 20 Microns Nano is over 1,00,000 tons per annum. The Company has a strong presence across the nation with dedicated regional divisions for commercial distribution and technical assistance.

Speciality Chemicals from 20 Microns Nano find applications in diverse industries like Paint, Paper, Pigments, Rubber, Glass Fiber, Phosphoric Acid Purification, Copper Purification, Printing Inks, Piling and Construction, Agro Chemicals, Animal Feed, Ceramics and Foundry. The Company also specializes in formulating customized products based on specific requirements.

20 Microns Nano is empowered with qualified and seasoned professionals who understand the dynamic, intrinsic and varied requirements of industries. The Company has specialized and dedicated teams serving each of the specific industries. Each team is led by a marketing manager and sales personnel who form a communication channel between the customers and the Company.

Industrial demands are fast changing. To ensure that these demands are addressed in the most fitting manner, the Company is widely investing in the research and development activities. The Company passionately explores opportunities for new product developments that can successfully cater to these growing demands. A dedicated R&D Center with the services of experienced and competent Chemists, Geologists and Engineers is a focal point of innovations from 20 Microns Nano.

20 Microns Nano is not only recognized for its exceptional quality products, but also for its efficient and instant technical services. The technical team is professionally trained in Paper, Paint, Plastic, Foundry, Construction, Civic Engineering & Piling, Iron Ore Pelletization, Rubber, Ceramic and other industries. On any on-demand request, our team provides backup, technical assistance and conduct trials in customers’ own production units.

Today, 20 Microns Nano is renowned for innovative products catering to a wide spectrum of industry across the world. With the best manufacturing units, state-of-the-art R&D center and efficient technical assistance, 20 Microns Nano is all poised to revolutionize nano minerals industry.