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Vaporsil Active is a specially developed product with high% of silica (SiO2), high surface area and a very controlled particle size, ideal for defluorination of Phosphoric Acid. It acts as a catalyst in defluorination reaction. As a matter of fact it increases the purity and productivity of Phosphoric acid.
Vaporsil Active gives the following benefits in Phosphoric Acid defluorination
  • It removes the volatilized fluorine compounds by scrubbing with fluosilicic acid ( H2SiF6 ).
  • It increases the efficiency of the defluorination reaction.
  • Improve Fluorine Stabilization , P/F becomes triple than that normally.
  • Improve the crystal growth of Gypsum which ultimately plays a positive role in the filtration process .
  • Improve Filtration rate
  • Reduce the fluorine content in the stack .
  • No environmental hazard for using this material .
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