Wetting & Dispersing Additives

Our wetting and dispersing additives result in a fine and homogeneous distribution of solid particles in liquid media and ensure the long-term stability of Paint formulation system.

Wetting agents are surface-active substances and improves the wetting of solids in paint formulation system. Dispersing agents prevent particles flocculating by various mechanisms (electrostatic effects, steric effects). Wetting and dispersing additives unite both mechanisms of action in one product, i.e. they are both wetting and stabilizing.

1. Nanosperse FX 504

It is low-foaming, aqueous polymeric pigment dispersing and wetting agent that works effectively for many hydrophilic pigments and extenders used in aqueous coatings.

2. Nanosperse FX 600

  • It is highly effective pigment dispersing agent for use in Waterborne Industrial Coatings, Protective Coatings, Gloss Dispersion Paints, Colorants and Printing Inks.
  • The product is a liquid, multi-functional polymer and is free of organic solvents.

3. Nanosperse FX 605

  • It is low-foaming pigment dispersing agent for aqueous systems.
  • It counter-acts pigment flocculation in weak acid, neutral and strongly alkaline media.
  • The product is also stable against hydrolysis and thus retains its activity even after extended storage of the coating system.

4. Nanosperse FX 609

  • It is basic salt of a polymeric carboxylic acid.
  • Acts as a pigment-dispersing agent designed for use in filler/pigment concentrates.
  • Ensures extremely stable pigment dispersions for use in aqueous systems.

5. Nanosperse FX 610

  • Offers maximum stabilizing properties against flocculation, and insensitivity to Hydrolysis and Depolymerisation.
  • It is a highly effective pigment-dispersing agent for use primarily in Waterborne. Architectural Coatings, Pigment Pastes, Colorants and Printing Inks.
  • The product is a liquid, multi-functional polymer and is VOC-free.


  • Improved Pigment – shorter grinding times wetting.
  • Strongly Adsorbed – optimizes stability onto pigment surface.
  • Excellent Compatibility – high gloss levels with a wide range of- improved Film Binders.
  • Optimized Stabilization against pigment flocculation.


  • Pigment Wetting, Dispersing and Stabilizing agent for all Industrial Waterborne Coatings
  • Pigment Concentrates
  • Co-dispersant for waterborne colorants
  • Work effectively in Aqueous & Decorative Coatings