Calcium Oxide Desiccant : Vaporoxol

Calcium Oxide Desiccant is the most economical and old line Desiccant; its essential component is calcium oxide, which absorb moisture by chemical reaction. Compare with Silica-gel, it has high ability of absorption of moisture, can ensure the retention period of material for more than six months.

Calcium Oxide Desiccant is most effective where low critical relative humidity is necessary, and were there is a high concentration of water vapor present.


Vaporoxol – 3F

Surface Treated Calcium Oxide

Our Grade name is Vaporoxol, it is surface treated fine calcium oxide powder for use as an effective desiccant. The calcium oxide is coated by a chemically indifferent hydrocarbon. Due to this preparation Vaporoxol has reduced air pollution. Additionally there will not be any unintended reaction with humidity.


Vaporoxol fulfils the demanding requirements of high moisture absorbency, good dispersion in the host compound, and ease of handling.

  • High Moisture Absorbency
  • Reduce Blistering or Bubbling or Pin Holes
  • Improves Productivity
  • Enhance Dispersion Characteristics
  • Better Flow of Host Polymeric Material
  • Space Pigment / Fillers in Polymeric Matrix
  • Improve Glossiness & Reduce Cracking Problem
  • Helps in Low Pressure Curing in Cable Industry


Vaporoxol is used in applications where excessive moisture in the rubber compound during the curing process can lead to porosity and irregular physical characteristics in the finished article. Due to the high temperatures required for the vulcanisation process, water starts to boil and blisters can form in the rubber. Vaporoxol is typically used in low pressure curing processes, such as those used to produce, automotive door seals and window seals.

Similarly in some plastics, such as PVC, high processing temperatures can also result in blistering. Also some plastics materials contain moisture sensitive ingredients that need to be protected. For instance, isocyanates will react preferentially with water in polyurethane systems.

Vaporoxol can be used in PVC-plastisols, for carpet-back layers, polysulfide- and silicone-compounds, and polyurethane-systems as well as for metal-pigment-colors containing solvents.

Calcium Oxide Desiccant applies to the industry such as Food, Tea, Leather and Garments mainly.