Diatomaceous (Siliceous) Earth

Siliceous earth is an inorganic material, which has chemical composition of >80 of amorphous of Silica. This amorphous phase is very rare and used widely in industrial scale because of its high porosity, fine particle size, very low density and its high surface area. Siliceous Earth finds many similarities with Diatomite.

1. Vapormat

Outstanding Matting Agent

VAPORMAT –multi functional extender to offer a new solution to rationalize raw material while achieving cost reduction. Due to its specific porous microstructure and medium particle size of VAPORMAT traps air voids which will act as tiny deflecting mirror, to aid quality critical light scattering to properties for opacity and matting power advantage in the water and solvent base paints formulation.

2. Vaporblock

Antiblocking Agent

VAPORBLOCK™ – functional additive, efficiency result from the unique irregular particle shapes, tight particle size distribution,bright & white colour and refractive index similar to the polyolefins resin, optimal density of specially processed diatom (D.E.).

VAPORBLOCK™ anti-block additive – reduce the tendency of thermoplastics film to adhere without affecting the critical properties of the film such as strength, clarity and low haze etc.

VAPORBLOCK™ anti-block can also incorporated by poly olefins resin producers or plastic compounder into master batches ofresin at upto 50% VAPORBLOCK™ along with 2% anti-oxidants and other performance additive. In the final film composition, the anti-block masterbatch can be diluted with virgin resin, upto the range of 0.2% to 1.5% depending on the polymers.


It is mainly used as filler and filter, heat and sound resistant material and in ceramic industry. Filtration and cleaning of vegetable oils and animal fats and manufactures of medicines are other uses of this mineral. In advance applications it is used as carrier for catalysts in chemical processes and for mineral fertilizers and herbicides, pesticides and fungicides in agriculture as well as raw material for refination and filtration and constituent of synthetic molding mass.

Due to its chemical inertness, high porosity, high surface area, and morphology, Diatomaceous (Siliceous) Earth (DE) is uniquely suited for a wide range of functional mineral additive applications. In the last few years, the primary focus of our R&D efforts has been a continuing product development program directed at expanding the use of DE in multiple applications.

The combination of the natural silica composition, the overall structure of the diatom particles, and the network of holes in the structure are responsible for the unique properties of these multi functional mineral products.


  • Petroleum
  • Detergent
  • Pesticides
  • Synthetics
  • Rubber Industries
  • Filter Industries: High Porosity, Hollow Particles; Filter Very Fine Particles, Water Treatment in Fish Tanks, Swimming Pools, Drinking Water and Other Liquids, such as Beer and Wine, Syrups, Sugar, Honey
  • Others: Toothpaste, Metal Polishes, Absorbent, Detergent, Petroleum, Pesticides, Synthetics and Rubber Industries.