Flash Calcined Kaolin

Flash calcination is a process whereby a solid, usually in finely divided form, is heated rapidly, held at temperature for a short time, and then cooled rapidly. HYPERCILITE is Engineered Calcined Kaolin for high opacity, high gloss & high reducing strength in interior & exterior paints & coatings.



Flash Calcined China Clay (Kaolin), provides the paint formulator with a tool to reduce TiO2 by up to 30% when replacing conventional minerals. The intrinsically sealed voids of the aggregated structure are optimised for maximum light scattering and give Hypercilite™ its characteristic properties. Sealed rather than open voids result in better wet opacity, and allow dry hiding to occur even below the CPVC of the coating. The high durability of Hypercilite™ makes it particularly suitable for use in high quality paints.


Hypercilite provides opacity for silk and semigloss paints through to high quality matt coatings. When used in “Eco-friendly” coatings Hypercilite enables the formulator to reduce their carbon footprint through the partial replacement of TiO2 and helps to retain the high performances demanded by today’s consumers.

Hypercilite for TiO2 Extension in Thermoplastics
TiO2 is used as an opacifier in many polymer applications, including thermoplastic sheets and films. Many consumer products comprise single or multilayer pigmented sheets with TiO2 added for colour and opacity. When used in combination with TiO2, the colour and opacity of thermoplastics can be maintained and cost savings achieved.