Cosmetic grade Mica are fine powders, used for various reflective color applications. Known primarily for their use in cosmetics, mica powders are a common natural and chemical coloring ingredient.


Calcined Mica

Calcination series are very thin, excellent skin adhesion and high oil adsorption. It is ground after calcination of raw material at high degree of 800-900. Mica come to peel off thin when a water of crystallization which belongs in between the layers are vaporized.


  • Good Feeling, Smooth, Soft, Fine-Texture and the like
  • Natural Gloss
  • Excellent Skin Adhesion
  • High Degree of Transparency
  • Thinnest Natural Mineral
  • Mica has Elasticity
  • The layers of Mica can be peeled off easily. This is due to the weakness of molecular bounding


The vast variety of bold, pigmented, and long-lasting shades make mica powders excellent for individual application, blending, or creating your own colorful products. Beyond makeup, mica powders are used in numerous industries as well as arts and crafts such as pen turning, painting, soap making, scrap booking, embossing, sculpture, and many more.