Micronised Wax


A good definition of micronized wax is a wax powder with an average particle size of less than ten micrometers. Only hard wax can be ground this fine. Only low melt viscosity wax can be sprayed this fine.

Micronised wax products are successfully used today in many industries, such as paints, coatings, plastics, inks and adhesives.

Products & Markets

20 Microns Nano Minerals Grades Name Product Type Application D(50) Particle Size Additional Level
Micron wax 234 PT Micronized PTFE Wax Coating, Ink, Leather 5 0.5 – 1.5 %
Micron wax 32 AF Micronized PE Wax Ink Solvent Base, Coil Coating
Micron wax 1400 SF Micronized PE Wax Powder Coating and Wood Coating 6 0.5 – 1%
Micron wax 105 O Micronized PE Wax Offset Ink, Coil & Wood Coating 5 0.5 – 2%
Micron wax 960 PL Micronized Amide Wax Powder Coating & Leather Coating 5
Micron wax 30 AQ Water Base PE Wax Water Base Ink & Coatings 5 0.5 – 1 %
Micron wax 996 CWP Special modified PW Wax Wood Coating, Can Coating & Industrial Plastic Coating 4 0.5 – 1 %


They enhance the Surface Properties and Aesthetics of a protective finish.